Ann Wilkes

MediumPoppiesAnn Hutchinson grew up watching Star Trek and Twilight Zone reruns, Creature Feature and reading science fiction magazines. Star Wars was the first movie she ever saw in the theater a second time. She’s been writing since junior high.

A fan of Doctor Who and Douglas Adams, many of her published stories (written as Ann Wilkes) contain humor. “We could all use a few more laughs, right?” Quite a few end in various versions of “oh, shit!” Though many of my endings aren’t rosy, they will likely keep you thinking for a while – in a good way.

Short Speculative Fiction by Ann Wilkes

“The Visitor,” Fantastic Fiction Presents: Science Fiction Super Pack #1, Aug. 2014
“For Chance to Dream,” Beyond Centauri, July 2009
“Immunity Project,” Defending the Future IV: No Man’s Land (Dark Quest Books, May 2011)
“Trapped Star,”Beauty Has Her Way, (Dark Quest Books Jan. 2011)
“The Heist,” The Best of Every Day Fiction 2008
“Marfina,” Vintage Voices II, 2007
“Long Term Memory,” Vintage Voices I, 2006

Speculative Flash by Ann Wilkes online

For the Nine,” audio excerpt, Horror Addicts, 2014
Surprise!”  Horror Addicts, 2014
The Curse of Having Been a Man,” Every Day Fiction, June 2013
“Troll Games,” Flashquake, Sept. 2010 (magazine folded that year)
Grey Drive,” Every Day Fiction, Sept. 2009
Your Smiling Face,” Every Day Fiction, Aug. 2008 and Rose City Sisters, 2009
The Heist,” Every Day Fiction, June 2008, and The Best of Every Day Fiction, 2008

At Science Fiction and Other ODDysseys:
U Minus 90,” 2010
Raining Good Intentions,” 2011
Mirror Images,” 2013

Mainstream Fiction and Nonfiction by Ann Wilkes

“Bullheaded,” This Ain’t No Rodeo, 2008
Airships – Not Just Flying Billboards,” Strange Horizons, 2012
“The Rosary,” Vintage Voices: Four Part Harmony, 2008 and The Mystery of Fate: Common Coincidence or Divine Intervention? 2009